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Pine Grove Furnace Prisoner of War Camp

During World War Two there was a need for prisoner of war camps (or POW camps) as the allied forces captured German and Japanese soldiers. Some of the POW camps in Pennsylvania included the Carlise POW Camp, Tyson POW Camp, and even Camp Sharp. But there is one that was not as well known that was right in Washington's back yard; that is the Pine Grove Furnace POW Camp.

The reason behind why many do not know of Pine Grove Furnace is because it was intended to be a secret and kept away from the public. The purpose of this camp was, as Patrick Metcalf states in his article "to determine which prisoners were worth sending to Camp Hunt for detailed interrogation"(1). It was located in Pine Grove Furnace because "it was close to the Carlisle Barracks and at the same time only a two-hour drive to Washington, D.C.  Perhaps more important was the fact that the site is isolated and could be kept a secret" (2).

Through this exhibit I want to uncover the secret that was Pine Grove Furnace POW Camp so Pennsylvanians can have a better idea of how much their state played in the second world war.