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Lottery by Authority
German Presbyterian and Lutheran churches in the Carlisle and Cumberland County areas were awarded a sum of money.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office
Reverend Dr. Frederick D. Schaeffer left behind a letter in the post office around October 19th, 1796.

Marriage Announcement for Trindle's Widow
After the death of her husband, Alexander Trindle, Sarah Trindle remarried William Gilson on January 24th, 1792.

Advertisement for Selling of Trindle's Land
William Trindle Jr. has posted an advertisement in the local newspaper in an attempt to sell 250 acres of land in Trindle Spring.

Trindle Spring Lutheran Church Cemetery
Photograph taken of the cemetery on the morning of the archaeological excavation.

Shopp School
A drawing of the Shopp School which functioned as both a church and school building for Peace Church.

William Trindle Tax Record 4
The tax records for land William Trindle was responsible for.

The original grant to William Trindle, founder of Trindle Springs-1728
Record of William Trindle petitioning for acres of land in Cumberland County.

Coal and Clinker
Coal and clinker found in Unit 2 SU21
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